Our History


The group was born on the occasion of the last day of the Amateur National Championship of the 1999/2000 season:

Before that day, our little Republic, having already known the C series in the late 1980s,

He had never had a group of organized fans.

The game played at Jesi that Sunday was decisive because the white-collar players, in the event of a win, would have

Centered on the promotion in Serie C2 and in fact, thanks to a victory that has come in the last few minutes , our dream has come true!

From the first day of the next league the Nucleus followed every game (both home and away!),

Engaging Titan players even hundreds of miles from home and even in prohibitive weather conditions for anyone!

Unfortunately we are not a very large group because in our Republic the passion for the San Marino Calcio is not very widespread.

Despite this big problem, we make everywhere feel in the hope of getting more and more people involved

So they are more like a top class fan club.


Everything happened on a school morning, it was the year 2000 …

One of my teammates, the Rimini fan and the SHADWELL team’s ultras, suggested, given my great passion

Together with some of my friends for the colors of San Marino, to create a group with a name.

Choosing the name was not a simple thing and it took several days to reach the final choice;

Browsing a copy of the magazine Supertifo decided to choose NUCLEO, then during the summer following the beautiful

Promotion in C2 series, we all decided to add 2000, which represents the year of birth of the group.


The banner was made in a garage with the help of my classmate.

It took a couple of days to make it, it was not plastified like most of the banners that

They are seen in all stages, but drawn and then colored with spray cans on a large sheet.


We were at the start of C2 2000/01 championship and some of the few people at the Serravalle Olympic Stadium,

Get used to the silence of a theater or funeral, hearing our choruses of encouragement, occasionally from the central tribune

We were screaming that we were doing too much casino !!!

With the passage of time they all believed a bit, thanks also to the testimonies of the various players and technicians

Who have succeeded in our stage that the Nucleus’s contribution could be very important to the team.

After a dozen days came a new group of kids who came up with the BOYS SAN MARINO banner

But after about a year they joined us because, given the poor consistency of the individual groups, it seemed more right

That there was a single group with only one name.

In our second year of existence (season 2001/02), in which San Marino played a great championship

(54 points won without playing the playoffs!), We presented ourselves with a new plasticized banner,

Give us the company, bearing the title TITANICI.

It seemed that this should take the place of the NUCLEO 2000 banner and thus change the name

Of our group of fans, but this did not happen because we were already fond of the old name.

Of course, the Titanic banner is always behind us as a lucky, but not really

There is a group that has this name.

During the 2002/03 championship, despite the poor vintage of the Titans, we grew slightly as a number;

Still being a small group, too small for a Republic with more than 28,000 inhabitants.

The 2003/04 season, a historic vintage for San Marino (for the first time the team played the playoffs

Without forgetting that he has spent about three months in the top of the standings!),

In addition to a further small increase as the number of ultras, has brought new news:

We decided to have a symbol for our group and chose an INDIAN,

Appeared during the season on t-shirts and sweatshirts.

In 2004/05 we realized the new “plasticized” banner and larger than the old one

(We had already been able to do so in the past years but the very high cost we always had to postpone everything)

Keeping the letter character style unchanged and placing the image of the indian in the center.

This season we have reached the goal of our first 5 years of existence and team and society

We spent two wonderful evenings that will remain impressed for a long time in our memory.

We hope that the Nucleo 2000 can increase its consistency and reach,

Together with the San Marino Calcio team, ever more prestigious goals !!!