Olympics Mishaps

Top Olympics Mishaps

Olympics is a series of events that take place after every four years in various parts of the world depending on the country tasked with the responsibility of hosting the games. Here, people share the love, competition and the spirit of togetherness. The games take place in a period of about a month. This is enough time for humans to display their humanity levels at the games with some breaking record while others re-writing history.

Olympics Mishaps

What are some of the mishaps in the top Olympics competitions?

While people are busy displaying their humanity levels, we also know that errors are part of being human. Ever since the start of Olympic Games, there have been several errors noted in the various events. The errors have occurred in events like the starting ceremony, during the actual sporting events and during the closing events. Below are some of the most memorable Olympics mishaps:

The 1988 Olympics opening day ceremony:

The 1988 Olympic games started on a bad, not with a series of errors noted as early as on the opening day ceremony. In the incident, Seoul cut loose a series of white doves so that they could fly all over the stadium as a sign of peace. However, much to no one’s expectations and to everyone’s surprise, some of the doves flew and landed on the Olympic cauldron at the exact time that it was being lit. The doves ended up smoked alive.

Then the hydraulics let you down…

2010 was the year that Vancouver was tasked with hosting some Olympic games including the opening day ceremony. Everything was in place. Organizers had put up four-person cauldron lighting. The people involved in this cauldron lighting were famous legends in various sports. However, when everything was set, a hydraulic malfunction left LeMay Doan holding a torch with nothing to light. On the other hand, her counterparts from Canada continued with the games.

Pic ring fails in the opening ceremony in Russia:

All things were set in Sochi, Russia for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. To begin with, the organizers had a super plan of displaying five rings that would represent five stars. However, when the show started, the Olympic rings appeared to be four instead of five. This led to a part of supporters jeering the organizers to borrow some more rings.

Olympic champion Angel Matos’ kick to referees face:

Even though Matos was a 200 gold champion, the world taekwondo federation banned him for life after he kicks the referee in the face. This did be a very unprofessional move from him. He was discontented with the referee’s decision to disqualify him. on his defense, however, he claims he was nursing his injury making him take a longer time to return to the field.


Olympic events bring the world together in a spirit of sportsmanship. People display their love and level of humanity. However, errors are also a big part of humanity and we have already seen some major mishaps in the events. The mishaps range from the opening day ceremonies to the events themselves.


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